Ions Care Singapore is a health & wellness specialist. We built a solid reputation as a partner of choice in the industry since our humble beginnings in 1938. Today, we manufacture natural personal care products. 

Containing natural oils and botanicals.  Our products are natural time tested remedies that are widely used. Our products produce excellent lather and nourishing qualities that help to clean and protect our skin.

We are environmentally friendly and our products are not tested on animals.



Ions Care Singapore is a Personal Care Specialist.

We manufacture and educate our community about quality products and services that make our neighbourhood a better place.



To provide quality and cost-effective natural personal care solutions.


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The leaf represents our love for nature and life. It is pointing up like an arrow to emphasize that life grows. At Ions Care Singapore, we actively participate in life-giving activities.

Dark green leaf reflects our down to earth character in the company – where we share homegrown family recipes among our loyal customers, giving our customers the benefits of age-old wisdom and a mother's love.

Red leaf represents our pragmatic approach in supplying quality products.

Yellow leaf represents the inner peace in us – We want to spread our joy in simplicity to the wider world.