Celebrating the Nation's 55th birthday


Ageism is stereotyping and/or discriminating against individuals or groups on the basis of their age. Examples of ageism can include subconsciously excluding an older teammate from work projects or social activities.

Ions Care Singapore will take this opportunity to honour our senior colleagues. We can overcome ageism together. The following is what some of our colleagues have shared:

Mdm Tan Suan Suan (73) - "I was very blessed and thankful when Ions Care Singapore accepted me despite my age. Ions Care Singapore has given me product knowledge training, so I not only serve my best to customers, but I also learn new things."

Ms New Kim Kwee (61) - "A few years ago I had an accident on the road and I was injured. I’m very grateful to the company for taking care of me then. I enjoy coming to work every day and I hope to continue contributing for many more years."
(*Translated from mandarin)

Ions Care Singapore encourages flexible work arrangements and job re-design so that we can work at a comfortable pace. There are joy and dignity in working. Let us do our small part in creating a nurturing environment for our colleagues to fully contribute to our second family, here at Ions Care Singapore.

During this COVID period, we are appealing to Singaporeans to support local businesses. Find out more about our fun and engaging workshop here at We also conduct short or full course workshops in groups, perfect for a family bonding time or a learning experience in schools or corporate.

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