When to use Joint & Muscle Spray?


The occurrence of joint pain and muscle aches are more common than we relieased. It can happen to those who are physically active, as well as those leading a sedentary lifestyle.


Overstraining of muscles happens when a person partakes in too much physical activities with too little rest and recovery after strenuous work. This results in stress placed on the muscles and joints, causing soreness and ultimately affects performance.


Ironically, being too inactive can cause aches as well due to the stiffness and tensed state your body is in for a long period of time. A study* by the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) revealed that more than 70% of office workers in Singapore experienced pain especially in neck, shoulder and lower back. This is partially due to prolonged sitting at their desks during work.


With the current pandemic, people are spending more time at home, in front of their computers. Lack of physical activity can contribute to aches and pains that we feel from day to day. This is when Ions Care Joint & Muscle spray will come in handy. 


When do you apply Ions Care Joint & Muscle Spray?

You can apply Ions Care Joint & Muscle spray when you need quick relief from

  1. Aching joints 
  2. Tight or strained muscles 
  3. Pain due to overwork and repetitive motions




Ions Care Joint & Muscle spray is blended with natural ingredients – Ginger and Marigold plant extracts.

Ginger root extract has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the symptoms of muscle aches and swelling.

Marigold is a flower extract that is known to have quick healing properties.They are also anti-inflammatory which can provide relief from joint pain and arthritis.





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