Fall Breeze - Bundle of 3 Promo - Natural Essential Oil / Fragrances Oil - 30ml

Personal Care

Each bundle comes with 3 bottles of 30ml Ions Care Pure & Natural Essential Oils.

Essential Oil Series:
Bundle 1
Rosemary, Lemongrass, Orange Sweet

Bundle 2
Rose Geranium, Orange 10 Fold, Rosewood

Fragrances Oil Series:
Bundle 3
Cranberry, Musk, Green Apple

Bundle 4
Coco Frangipani, Crenberry, Inspire


- Nut-free alternatives are available upon request.

- Use a suitable base oil if you have allergies.

- Essential oils are not to be applied directly to the skin when undiluted. They are usually mixed with base oil.

- Avoid sun exposure after using citrus oils, bergamot, petitgrain oils.

- For pregnant ladies, consult your physician before using essential oils.

- Store IONS essential oils and IONS base oils in a cool and dark environment.

-Our Products are 100% Pure & Natural.